Mounted solar structures are ideal for urban environments and large industrial estates where ground space is premium,  Vijay Jothy Power provides excellent design that are economical, easy to install and also very light so that the roof structures in not damaged.

The structure designs are standardRoof ized and their modular nature ensures easy installation and maximum utilization of roof spaces. All structures are designed to ensure minimum drilling on the roof and also to avoid any water leakage, Vijay Jothy Power supplies

module mounting structures for both flat roofs and slopped roofs.

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Solar Street Lights



The company’s solution for solar street lights reduces the dependency on the conventional form of power source.

Our solutions ensure long lasting solar lights that provide support for reliable, non-polluting source of power suitable for use from dusk to dawn while with standing adverse weather conditions.

Warranty & Maintenance

PV modules are warranted 90% output at the end of the tenth year and 80% at the end of 25th year. All the other mechanical structures, electrical works and equipments will have a minimum of 5 years warranty

Solar Water Heater



Vijay Jothy Power Pvt. Ltd MNRE Approved Company having wide range of Solar Water Heaters made of fully food grade stainless steel which is non corrosive, durable and long lasting.

High efficiency tube collectors with optimize length for better performance. The product capacity range 100Lpd, 125Lpd, 150Lpd, 250Lpd WITH 5Years tank warranty and 2 year electrical warranty with an in build back up of 2Kw heater with thermostat.